Broken and Screwed by Tijan

I love Tijan – she’s an indulgence. But this thing was ridiculous.

Her writing style is always odd. A sort of dissonance where what she says doesn’t always jibe with time and place. But she usually explains it in the next paragraph. And she loves drama. But this book was OTT – even for her. I think the fact that it was half a book didn’t help. But I won’t be reading the next one to see if shit gets fixed.

Alex is in a weird love-to-hate-you thing with her dead brother’s bestie. Essentially that’s the plot. As I’ve mentioned – this is a To Be Continued so there’s no resolution. I never didn’t want to finish it, but I certainly don’t need any more of it.

Interestingly it did make me want to read more Tijan. There’s something addictive about the sloppy dramatic mess that is each of her books. So I think I’ll go poke around for another.

The Spencer Cohen Series Book One by NR Walker

It was cute.

Coming off a spree of dark reads (plus schoolwork and work-work) I’ve been trying to find a nice middle of the road read. This one trended a little too far into light and fluffy, but it was readable.

Spencer’s job is helping people make their Exes jealous. The theory is that the jealous ex will fight to get you back – thus salvaging your relationship. We won’t even get into the sheer dishonesty of tricking another human into thinking they love you. Anyhow. Spencer falls for a client. Again – going to avoid the ethics of sabotaging the very thing you’re paid to fix. (I cannot turn off being a lawyer – I can turn it down but it never goes away). Spencer and Andrew are a little mushy. And there’s no sex. Still – it was something to read that didn’t make me angry or nauseated. (And if that isn’t a ringing endorsement idk what is).

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

I have read a ton of dark books lately. Plus I’ve been slammed at work and juggling school work. This was the perfect anecdote to all of that. Literally read in one sitting. It never curled my toes or made me grin, but it took my mind off my troubles for a few hours.

This is P&P based. Elise and her sisters move to a new wealthy school in LA. The IT dude at school is a little brooding and distant. Elise is all spunky and “different.”

High school hijinks. Everything was very sweet and PG. I would absolutely recommend this book for a young teen girl who likes high school romance movies.

Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich

No stars bc I’m torn about this one. I got a little past halfway before I felt like I didn’t want to open the book again. The violence had become the focal point, and I couldn’t see an ending to this book that was in any way satisfying for me.

This was a lot like reading Sons of Anarchy without the charm. Everyone was a big ole twisted mess, and it became arduous and difficult to keep moving forward. Once I realized that there was no ending that would make me feel ok I decided not to read anymore.

But I don’t want to take away from this book. It’s fast-paced. The subject matter is thought-provoking. The writing told the story well. I may come back and finish this book later. It wouldn’t take but a couple of hours to get through. Right now I just need a little more light and fluffy.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

img_1303I wanted to feel this book, but it never happened. The read stayed surface-level for me. I never got emotional – sad, angry, frustrated. I just never felt.

This is an audio journal of a high school girl – heard post-suicide. She’s explaining her reasons – assigning blame. I don’t know much about teenage suicide. It just didn’t have a real vibe to me. Her “reasons” didn’t resonate.

It wasn’t a bad book – I just thought this thing would gut me. And it didn’t touch the emotional storm created by The Crossover. Maybe being the book right after my favorite book of the year (so far) was unfair. But when teen suicide doesn’t reduce me to rubble and basketball does I know something is missing from my read.

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

One of my classes required an award-winning children’s book so I randomly picked this off a list. That was fortuitous.

This book is magic. A sparse, lyrical writing style that sets up a rhythm in your soul. A story flawlessly told without effort – and it goes down as easy as sweet tea. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the agony and irony of adolescence shown with such grace. Some of the best writing I’ve encountered.

My 2017 book of the year. I borrowed a copy from the library, but I’ll be buying it for myself. I think i need to own this book.

Ps – I am bawling my fool head off. Still.