The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands

Many books ask you to suspend reality – a little or a lot. It’s difficult, though, when the book asks you to throw common sense out the window. Lord.

Paen (y’all – I have no idea how to pronounce this and couldn’t find any help on the Interwebs. I spent the book calling him Peon, Pain, and Penn in my head) and Avelyn are an arranged bride and groom who didn’t know each other before the wedding. Avelyn has self-esteem issues and Peanut has the personality of cardboard. About a bazillion bad things happen to Avelyn – which crushes her already fragile ego (Peony remains a weird and mostly irrelevant side-character through all of this). And then there’s a super-stupid sub-plot (bc this book, which was already resemblant of the Three Stooges, really needed extra hijinks) that didn’t help anything out.

On a good note – it was a quick and simple read. On an extra bad note – an author repeatedly describing kissing as “passionately” begins to convince me that the kisses were anything but.

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