The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

This was the worst book in recent history that I’ve actually finished. Literally from page 1 it was boring, cumbersome and awkward. The choices of POV made no sense. And the father was so unrealistic that he was funny.

I don’t want to spoil this for anyone – so no details. Needless to say – I didn’t enjoy this. And no – it’s nothing like Gone Girl. Every. Single. Current. Thriller. Says that. Be like Elsa, man. Let it go. No book is Gone Girl. Shit, at this point, Gone Girl is barely like Gone Girl. Anyhow. I digress.

It was a fast read. Nothing stressful bc I didn’t care about the characters. Nothing graphic or horrible. Just a ridiculous kidnapping story – not my first and prolly won’t be my last.


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