Separate Beds by Lavyrle Spencer

This was my first LaVryle Spencer. It came with a ton of recommendations from one of my book groups so i was excited to read it.

Story – Catherine ends up pregnant after a blind date with a wealthy guy. She wants to do this on her own, but circumstances conspire against her. Catherine is forced into an unorthodox relationship with Clay, and they bumble through.

Ms Spencer writes like a lady. Very proper and just this side of prissy. Her writing style is simple and really tasteful. A bit dated bc the book is from 1985 – but overall smooth and enjoyable. Honestly it reminded me of a china pattern – the kind that’s classic and you could proudly use anytime. No, it’s not the most modern or edgy, but it’s timeless and respectable.

My heart never raced. I was never dying to find out what happened next. I didn’t laugh. But there was a steady soothing draw. Clay and Catherine both had depth. The cultural references and 80s vibe meant the characters never felt like people i might know, but that didn’t detract from the book. I felt like i was swept up in a binge session of Dallas – big hair and ruffled tuxedo shirts! They were likable even if not completely relatable.

I’m looking forward to more from Ms Spencer. I want to see if she brings the same smooth demeanor to different story lines. I’m also curious to see if each of her characters remains strong or if they begin to feel like various versions of the same people over and over.

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