A World Without You by Beth Revis

So let’s focus here. On the good and the bad. A simple pros and cons review. Bc I’m too jumbled for much else.

Pros –

– super interesting concept! Mental illness – viewed from within and without

– broken down and simplified – an easy read

– stayed bright even with dark subject matter

– well-written

– a lot of thought-provoking information provided in a comfortable manner

– a lot of back story was provided in flashbacks. It worked with the story but was also clunky as hell. (So a pro and a con)

Cons –

– I felt like Bo had too much control of the story. You knew he was an unreliable narrator, but he was left mostly in charge. And his fantasy was aggravating bc it went on and on. (I’m also considering this a pro. Bc it seems like an accurate portrayal of Bo’s mental illness – it does go on and on)

– maybe this was a little too light? It felt like we stayed on the surface

– a lack of fleshing out of any of the characters. Everyone was a sketch. Maybe this is part of the narrative, but it made things flaky

– it felt a little long. Bo’s situation just kinda drug out

– I would have liked an additional perspective. Phoebe was kinda self-absorbed. I got her points, and I would have liked to hear from someone about Bo not so closely related

All in all I say read it. It’s interesting. And aggravating. And it could be better. But it’s an unusual story that stirred up some thoughts and feelings. I don’t think I’ll be mentally letting this one go any time soon.

PS – If you want a story like this that’s breathtaking and will stop your heart check out I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. Now that’s a damn book.

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