Act Like It by Lucy Parker

Read in Jan of 2016.

Yeah yeah yeah for smart fun easy reads!

Lainie is doing a play with her dickish ex and a cold snob. Due to the cold snob’s (Richard) media issues they end up in a fake relationship. I normally hate reluctant love – especially on the part of the dude. But Richard sold that shit. He showed me instead of told me. Sarcasm. Arching eye brows. Sardonic wit. Lurve you, Richard – you adorbs jerkface.
And Lainie matches him barb for barb. She’s smart and she’s sassy and she owns this book.
There was some silly drama. But it didn’t distract.
Two people who hadnt thought much of one another were forced to interact. As they learned about one another their respect and attraction grew. It was believable and low-drama and adult. Really enjoyed this book.


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