Fallen by Lauren Kate

There are a lot of reviews loving this book. And I lot of reviews mocking it. This will be neither. I didn’t even rate it. I made it to 50% and could not take anymore. Thoughts –

1) yes it feels like Twilight – the boring version.

2) the writing was bland.

3) I never got into the book

4) who cares about Daniel? It got to the point that I was flinching when I read his name. Luce needs help.

5) I am very vocal about being a fan of the woo. These predestined love stories kill the woo. The dude doesn’t have to work for it. In this case he actively resisted it (although who blames him for resisting her – she had no personality outside of her obsession with him).

6) this isn’t romantic. There’s not a healthy relationship in this thing.

7) in case you missed it – I was bored. This book couldn’t even stir me to a snarky review. Merp.


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