Love The One You’re With by Lauren Layne

Rating this one was a little tough. I like to try to rate a book for what it is. And if I’m rating this as a rom-com it’s 4 stars. Sweet. Predictable. Adult. But as far as butterflies and “can’t-put-down-ableness” it was 3 stars. I did some home crafting projects rather than read, and I don’t craft.

Grace and Jake are forced to date for a work project. She’s sweet but hurt by an ex. He’s a committed bachelor. They fight the inevitable. Nothing OTT. Limited steam. Most of the time they behaved like rational adults. They did do some lying to themselves and each other (a plot move that I loathe), but their relationship mostly naturally developed.

I’ll be reading the next book in this series soon. I know that I can depend on it for a comfortable read.

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