Web of Love by Mary Balogh

This book, for me, was romance painted with a broad brush. It certainly had a different feel. Rather than be incredibly focused on Ellen and Dominic we got a snapshot of the war and a peek into a number of lives. The story was about so much more than two people.

Ellen is happily married to Charlie. Charlie and Dominic are in the military – and they’re BFFs. A lot of the book is devoted to the war and to Ellen’s relationship with Charlie. I think it was important to MB that we understood Ellen’s first marriage – and respected it.

After Charlie dies Ellen and Dominic have to deal with where his death leaves them. There’s a lot of steady development. Some ups and downs. Believable drama. There are also about 27 other characters whose issues give the book a well-rounded feel.

This joker is slow-moving. Low on steam and angst. Strong on characters and detail. It’s kinda like a war story where a romance (or 4) breaks out.

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