Never Stop Falling by Ashley Drew

Oh goodness. I don’t have it in me for full-snark tonight. And tbh this book doesn’t deserve me with both guns a’blazin. So I’ll give you the abbreviated version.

Is your drama-llama starved? Little guy need a big ole helping of what he loves best? This is your book.

Teenage BFFs. They discover feelings and then BAM – life happens. And instead of pulling on her big girl panties our heroine makes the first in a series of terrible and selfish decisions. She’s not likable. He’s just sort of a pining lamp post.

Fate throws them together some years later. She remains selfish and unlikable. He remains a lamp post. Near the end of the book they have one of the most pathetic, one-sided, egocentric conversations I’ve ever read. Dude shoulda found another chick.

Steam-factor = 0
Drama-factor = 900
Writing wasn’t bad – although it had some reachy poetic moments (how many sunset descriptions do I need in a book not about sunsets? Asking for a friend.)

Not a terrible book – not the book for me.

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