Vandal by Carian Cole

I struggled with this entire book. Despite being a bit of a dickhead I’m pretty much kittens and rainbows in my reading. A little bit of dark is okay, but too much throws me for a loop.

On top of that – I loathe loathe loathe a relationship predicated on a lie. I spend the entire time waiting for things to explode in the liar’s face. I can’t ever let myself relax.

Also – I can’t relate to a BDSM relationship. Sexual rules and restraints are anathema to me.

Those things together stopped me from connecting with Vandal or Tabi. It was like reading this book from a distance – through a spy glass. I was never involved. I never felt other than discomfort and stress.

I will say the epilogue salvaged this book for me in a big way. And I think I’ll think about it a little longer than normal. Definitely a game changer – good and bad.

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