Storm by Carian Cole

I think reading the series out of order made this book more enjoyable. 6 months ago I started Talon and hated it. This week I read Torn and loved it (not knowing it was the same author). So I gave Talon another chance – and fell in love. Now I’m reading the entire series. Evie and Storm play a decent-sized role in Talon so I was curious about them.

Some bads – it felt like a first book. Uneven pacing. Maybe a little too much intimacy early-on. Cheating. Slut-shaming.
Less depth than the later books in the series.

Some goods – carefully thought-out, nuanced characters who really love one another. Sex scenes that were steamy without being OTT. A relationship book rather than a sex book.

I generally get very pissy when a book involves cheating. And I hate the douchey-boyfriend excuse. I was uncomfortable with parts of this story, but never considered walking away. Is it bc I already knew and was digging on these characters? Maybe. Or was it bc I have a big ole blogger-crush on that author? Possibly that. I know some readers couldn’t get past these issues, and I don’t blame them. For me it wasn’t a problem. (On a related note – I avoid books with Torn’s plot like the plague – but really really enjoyed that book. Ms Cole makes the unpalatable go down easy for me. I’m exploring some of my hard limits with these books.)

A personal aside – I foster dogs for a national rescue. There are an insane amount of animals in this house. I’ve never read an author who incorporates animals so fully and naturally into her stories. It’s a big factor in my lurve for these characters.

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