Talon by Carian Cole

****MY REVIEW**** Sept 6, 2016

I was wrong. I hated this book, and that was a mistake.

You can check out my original review(s) at the bottom of this review. It ain’t pretty.

I read Carian Cole’s Torn this weekend and thought “the woman that created Toren didn’t write what I thought was Talon. Toren is multi-faceted, sweet, funny and lovable. He’s a nice person (and the animal thing!!!!) So there’s got to be more to Talon. I’m going to give him another chance.” And I’m stoked I did.

I still think the premise was far-fetched. And Talon was an ass-hat of epic fucking proportions. Captain of the USS DoucheCanoe. But that was the point of the entire book – watching Talon pull his head out of his ass. Truthfully, that’s the premise of a zillion romance books. And generally it falls flat. The explanation is lacking, the woman is a pushover, things never get better, or the improvements make me wanna yack. I assumed that’s where Ms Cole was going when I first read this book – but Toren convinced me that prolly wasn’t the case.

I’m going to admit (holy shit this is awkward) I liked this more than Torn. And I loved Torn. But Asia’s involvement in The Semicolon Project and Talon’s late-arising issue, the way these things were handled, the absolute real feel of these characters and their attempts at resolution made me fall a little in love.

I’m going to pick another book in this series to read next. I think Carian Cole is becoming a favorite author. She’s (to me) the absolute perfect blend of fantasy and reality in her writing – over the top stories and characters with so much humanity that they feel real. I can’t wait to see what Storm, Vandal or Lukas has in store for me next.
****Previous Reviews****

UPDATE. At a suggestion i gave the book another chance. Made it to 22%. It didn’t get any better. He’s a slut-shaming, moronic, hypocrite as shallow as a puddle. Everything he says makes me want to light him on fire. He’s like a 14 year old boy.
The “experiment organizer” is now insisting they share a bed to make it “more authentic.” Creepy as hell.

DNF at 14%. This was my first book in this series. But I didn’t understand what was happening. The premise was super far fetched. And if you’re marrying someone for research why have a big wedding? Or couldn’t you just cohabitate for research? It’s just so awkward. And he won’t stop saying Babe. I can’t stop picturing Fabio calling a strange woman Babe. Then he thinks they should have sex bc they’re married. Even though they don’t like each other. Or know each other. And after he’s insulted the way she looks. It made me feel skeevy. And relieved to quit reading.

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