Torn by Carian Cole

I’ve found that taboo books are heavy on sex and angst and low on plot. This was an exception. It’s a spin-off from a series that I didn’t enjoy – but the vibe was different. Subdued. Sweet. Strong story. I’m considering rereading the book I disliked bc I liked this one so much.

The prologue nearly made me give it up, but I’ve started at least 30 books this week and hated them all. I figured I’d give this one a little more effort. I’m so glad that I did.

Plot – Toren falls in love with his best friend’s kid. He fights it. She fights it. I thought their actions and reactions were reasonable (within the context of a contemporary romance book). The books involves bikers, musicians, and animals. And it avoids a lot of the crap and cliches I expected from it.

Toren is wonderful. A well-formed, romantic, and sexy character (with a hobby that made him a guaranteed favorite for yours truly). Kenzi is a little sweet, but it fits within the parameters of the story.

I enjoyed the writing. Liked the side characters. Overall I was into the story – and shocked that it happened TBH. Given the subject and my history with this author’s books I went into this one jaded but was proven wrong. If you’re looking for sweet and story-heavy, moderate drama, nothing eye-roll-worthy this may be your next read.


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