HardBall by CD Reiss

It’s rare for me to give 5 stars to a contemporary romance these days. In the beginning when they were new and shiny I adored a lot of them. But now something has to stand out – to speak to me. This book did that. Dashiell Wallace did that.

It’s a sports romance. And the baseball aspect is well done. I’m a big sports fan, and I appreciate when an author gets the nuance. Baseball’s details (and kinks) were smoothly done.

What made this book shine for me was Dash’s ADD. His rituals. The chapters from his POV. His thought-pattern was familiar and fascinating. He felt weird, real and imperfect. I am completely in love with him.

Vivian wasn’t a slouch. Smart and focused. Not a bitch but far from a doormat. She stood up for herself. She made good decisions. She felt like someone I’d like to know.

The story was great – moved at the right speed with some fun little hitches. And I adored the writing. All those Shakespeare quotes. The literary flirting. Smarter than your average sports romance.

I am so excited and so nervous to read another book by Reiss. I want more of her fantastic writing, but I’m worried I won’t feel the same without Dash. Either way this is going down as my favorite romance this summer.

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