The Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan

This is, I believe, my 3rd Tijan book. I am wholeheartedly a fan.

Synopsis – goofy Summer goes to college with dreams of a relationship with her dickhead stepbrother. She meets Caden as stepbrother’s true colors are emerging.

The story was convoluted and scattered. Low steam. Lots of slow build. But there’s something so earnest about the writing. Summer is freaking adorable. And Tijan just kinda puts it out there – this steady likable sweet story. Nothing about this book feels shiny, hard or fake. No insta-love. No perfect characters.

Caden is a nice guy, but this is truly Summer’s story. She has issues to deal with and problems to solve. Girl needed to grow before she got her man, and I spent the book rooting her on. It was an engrossing, but low-emotion read. The supporting cast was mostly forgettable. The story line had grand ideas, but nothing unrealistic. This was a lovely break from the serious bummer grown-up book I’m also reading. I look forward to more Tijan.

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