Teasing Destiny by Melanie Shaw

Not sure how this ended up on my kindle, but it was deep-fried adorable.

It’s a contemporary romance set in Texas and as sugary as good sweet tea. Plenty of “aw shucks, ma’am” and perky Texas girl-power. The storyline wasn’t revolutionary and neither character was breaking ground, but I couldn’t put this down.

For starters I live in the Dirty South, and after a thousand romances set in Boston or NY it’s nice to read about jeans and boots and big ole trucks. Plus Destiny (I know right!) and JJ were yummy like fried chicken and corn bread.

At times it was a little over the top with the hap-hap-happy, but sometimes that’s a blessing (particularly when Harry Potter is just flat-out depressing). I think I’ll read the next book in the series when I’m lookin for some guaranteed feel-good (with only a pinch of the eye-rolls and “give me a damn break”s). The damn book referenced Flo from Alice – who is strong enough to resist kissed-grits? Not this girl – that’s fo sho.


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