Dawn of Forever by Jewel E Ann

(Book 3 in a trilogy.)

For reasons that began in the last one this book rubbed me the wrong way.

I’m doing this spoiler-free so forgive the innuendos and hints. And I still recommend this series. It has such a different feel.

Essentially things didn’t go my way in the last book. Therefore watching the storyline continue towards an ending I don’t want is frustrating as hell. I won’t find it satisfying so I couldn’t see the point in reading it.

Also – the story line went from stretch of the imagination to freaking ludicrous.

And character traits that had been mildly annoying started to feel like sandpaper on a sunburn. Honey, if you don’t understand why he loves you I don’t understand it either.

The death knell was a booky-wooky no-no for yours truly. There are a few plot devices that ruin an entire book for me. When that occurred here I was hanging on by my fingernails – and I just let go.

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