Middle of Knight by Jewel Ann

This book felt like a middle. Tons of new info. Tons of growth. We’re clearly moving in a specific direction.

It was hard to read. Sad. Less funny than the first one. And Jillian just keeps getting rocked. Still I never wanted to put it down.

Jackson made this book bearable. Jillian’s storyline is so heartbreaking. It needed levity and sexy – Jackson provided both in spades. Ryn has issues – she’s not my favorite.

From the first book I had a certain idea of where this series was going. And now I know it’s going in a totally different direction. I admire that things weren’t telegraphed. I’m stoked that a love triangle(ish thing) worked so well for me as a reader. I love the writing and the movement and the action. I adore Jillian.

It’s hard to rate this book bc it’s really just part of a larger book. No way could you read this one without reading the first one. I still loved it, and I’m half-desperate to know how this all ends. But I’m sad. And disappointed.

Ps – I may change this to a 5 star rating when my feelings stop hurting. That remains to be seen.

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