End of Day by Jewel Ann

Like most readers I read to escape. My life isn’t crap, but it’s nice to step away from the work-kid-chores-routine and do something for me. Frequently this issue is finding balance in my book. I don’t want to read about the mundane, but something in the book has to connect with me. Otherwise the reading is purely academic.

I’m giving this book 5 stars bc Jewel Ann excelled at writing a book that took me away with characters that felt so real. You read those blurbs “He’s broken. She’s shattered. Can two destroyed souls heal one another?” And then you read it – and he’s a narcissist and she’s a moron. The entire book ends up being about total creepos who need therapy – and should not be in a relationship.

But Jewel Ann did it right. My synopsis will be shallow – there’s too much to spoil. Basically Jack and Jill are twins who need to make some life changes. They end up in hiding – struggling to fit into their new world. This book focused on Jill. How she got to where she is, and what she’s going to do about it.

The book was funny. And really sad. Sometimes it felt like my guts were going through a paper shredder. But I loved every moment. I didn’t even wanna take pee breaks with this one. I loved all the characters. I think that’s going to lead to some serious heartbreak down the road for me – and I’m amped for it.

Side notes – the first 30% of the book it seems weird as hell. Do not give up. It all makes sense (and the book is weird as hell – it grows on you). And reading one book is just opening the door. You’re gonna need to read the rest (like I’m fixin to do this evening). It’s a commitment, but one I fully expect to pay off.

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