Where I Belong by J Daniels

We’re gonna call this 2.5 stars. There were parts of this book that I enjoyed, but overall it was over the top.

Synopsis – Mia is going to spend the summer with her BFF. She stops at a bar on the way to lose her virginity (!?!?!??). Meets a dude. He’s perfect. Except it’s her BFF’s brother who she hated when they were kids.

I love a story with a chase. I’m generally bored in books once the couple gets together. And this book had great chase. Mia makes ole boy work for it. And he’s actually pretty nice (and kind of a weird, dirty-talking pervert). Anyhow. He’s not awful, and he goes after the woman.

My issue is the grandiosity. Of course he doesn’t have a normal penis – it’s a giant penis. And the night she loses her virginity? 5 orgasms. As. If. Lot of tropes are trotted out. The insta-love is like being run over by a cement truck. And every good is insanely good – every bad is absolute disaster. This really wouldn’t have been a bad book if things went from a 10 to a 2 at a few points. As is it’s sort of jacked up romantic hyperbole.

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