Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe

Split. Personality. Disorder.

First off – this is my first “billionaire” book. I’ve judged about a zillion books by their cover and refused to read anything with that in the title. But this one had good reviews, and there were mentions of it being light and funny. So i figured i’d give it a shot.

i LURVED the first 20% of this book. Like OMG! (*snort*) It was light and irreverent and funny. I was quickly pulled in, and in several instances i chuckled out loud. And then, suddenly, my silly funky read turned into a steaming pile of mush. What the heck?!?!

The jerky motions from anal sex jokes to insta-love where too much. I like a sweet book, but this case out of left field and was ridiculous. I read for an escape, but i like some connection to reality. Single Georgie was great! Sarcastic and sassy. Relationship Georgie was like microwaved oatmeal – kinda bland and gooey.

Still, i give it props bc i finished the book with only moderate skimming. The story is simple – overly nice billionaire fella falls for spunky foul-mouthed chick. Awkward ensues. Had this book been a little less insta-love and slightly less treacly i think i’d be in love with it forever. I’m the queen of rom-coms, but gushy men make me uncomfortable. I’ll take KA’s Dax over a man spewing “baby”s any day. Still, it was better than i expected, and i’m tempted to read the next book in the series (just a little scared i’m gonna fall into another gushy pile of fluff).

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