Puck Buddies by Tara Brown

4 stars. NA romance(ish)

Wow. Holy wow!

Okay. Gonna attempt to string together some coherent thoughts and call it a review.

First and foremost, I love reading Tara Brown. She’s different, and I dig it.

Second, kudos to a book for taking me out of my head. With the pending GRE and work craziness added to my already full plate I really needed a mental break. I knew it would take a hell of a book to give me a break from my monkey mind.

I guess, technically, this was a romance. Sort of. But it felt more like a modern coming of age story. Sami is a wealthy socialite. Not the cute glamorous kind generally found in these books. She’s an asshole. And her anger and frustration and shittiness felt real. I loved this book bc I loved Sami. Matt, the “hero,” is also rich, but plays hockey. Sami has issues. Matt makes judgments. They struggle through the entire book. And the ending…was something else.

The pleasure in the book came from watching Sami break apart and piece herself together. She’s an unapologetic train wreck. But a really likable one. I think if I’d read the synopsis I wouldn’t have read this book. But I picked it up bc I adored the first one and really enjoy this author. There are flaws sure. But for a light read it was engrossing. I identified with Sami. And I liked how she was more of a focus than the relationship. (But, seriously, that ending though…)

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