For You by Kristen Ashley

Y’all have patience – bc I’m about to go overboard with a metaphor.

Reading a KA book is like eating one of those 5 scoop brownie sundaes. With the nuts and the whipped cream and the chocolate sauce. You’re mostly a healthy eater – sometimes you have a cookie or some fro yo. But today you’ve gone hog wild. And at first it is so damn good. Hot melty chocolate over swirls of ice cream and big hunks of warm brownie. The sweet vanilla ice cream offering the perfect relief. But by 5 or 6 bites you may start to feel a little uncomfortable. Sure you wanted some junk food, but this may be too much. It’s still yummy, but you have some concerns. And by halfway you’re satisfied but there’s so much damn ice cream and chocolate left. You’re panicked. Nauseated. You’ve begun to sweat. “I’ve had all I wanted. It was delicious – why is there so much more to go???”

I either love her books or hate them (some of her female characters drive me straight up the wall). But now even the ones I love get the ice cream reaction. Like any brownie sundae – there’s a recipe – a formula. She uses it because it works, and I respect that. However, at 51% I was craving some broccoli and a salad. Guarantee I’ll read another one of her books though, and it’ll prolly be sooner rather than later. Even knowin exactly how it’s gonna go down sometimes a girl just wants a big ole ice cream sundae.

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