The Ones That Got Away by Suanne Laqueur

When I first read TMIL I fell very much in love with Erik. So reading this book was like going to my boyfriend’s house and having his mom show me old photos. Embarrassing. Silly. Endearing. And it made me love him even more. It’s a recipe book with all the ingredients that made him so special.

(For those of you in love with Will he’s there too. A lot of Will. His baby photos and that random prom pic with the mullet (Buddy?!?!?). Everyone is included – it’s just that for me the charm of this book is watching Erik grow up).

End of Days by Susan Ee

I skimmed the entire book bc I had to know how it ended. I wasn’t willing to quit, but I wasn’t willing to read. (There was actually a large boring section in the middle of the book that I was completely unwilling to unread. It was filler. The equivalent of a chase scene and shoot out that pumps you up for the grand finale).

I think this series was good. Very straight forward writing. High on action and low on drama (except the last book had a kind of different emotional neediness that was a little uncomfortable). The third book had to solve all of the issues created in the first two – so it was a little over the top. Kinda hectic. And it reached for some weird stuff.

Penryn was also was clingier and more desperate in this book. Her seemingly one-sided feelings for Raffe made her less likable. And his being a distant jerk didn’t do much for his PR. They flowed in the earlier books – they had balance. In the last book that was missing which bummed me out.

If you’re looking for something that reads a lot like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie but with angels and a kinda romance then go for it. This is a summer blockbuster as opposed to a thoughtful indie film.

World After by Susan Ee

I would give it 5 stars bc I finished it with a HUGE grin on my face. But the first 112 pages sucked.

No real need for synopsis – if you read and liked the first one you gotta read this one. Bc, hello, the ending of the first book gives you no answers.

This was way better than the first one. We know the characters more. There’s no need to world-build so the Ee has tons of room for action. And for moving forward with a sweet and complicated and goofy relationship.

It only took me a few hours to read this book today. I got $10 that says I finish the third one tomorrow. (And it better be all HEA or I’m gonna be crushed).

Angelfall by Susan Ee

My 3 stars come with a “but.” Bc I loved this book, but I wasn’t satisfied. I suspect I’ll change my rating once I finish the series. At this point it just feels like 1/3 of a book – but a truly fantastic 1/3.

So – premise. Post-apocalyptic, man vs angel wars. Penryn comes across an angel who needs help. Then she needs the angel’s help. He’s a dick. But he’s also super nice. And she’s pretty cool although twice I found her actions dumb.

Strong world building. Basic writing that moves the story. It’s like a moderately dramatic person at a bar telling it to you – not that awesome guy on his 4th tequila shot but rather your chill friend Tom on his third beer.

I love angel books. I love strong heroines. I love YA. And after all the cerebral/hyper-emotional books I’ve been reading lately it was kick-ass to get some action. This books rates as a solid “good.”

(PS – don’t let me act too hard here. I’m not waiting for the library to get me the next book in the series. I’m fixin to order it right meow on the kindle bc I HAVE to know what happens next.)

Sorta Like A Rockstar by Matthew Quick

One of the oddest books I’ve ever read. True? True.

I cannot believe – blows my mind – that I just read that book.

Amber Appleton is the most cheerful, chipper, perkiest human being on the face of this earth. The first few chapters were unbearable. I thought I’d been tricked into reading PollyAnna – The Modern Years. But then it all made sense. And I cried and cried and cried and cried. For at least the last 30% of the book I sobbed and loved it.

I don’t want to tell you anything. Bc the less you know the better. Hang in there when Amber is so cheerful you want to scream. Enjoy the haikus. Respect the Nietzsche (bc who doesn’t?). You have the sweetest, kindest, saddest and most hope-filled ride ahead of you. And it’s wonderful.

Ps – this book can easily be read in one sitting and had some of the most meaningful characters I’ve ever met.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by AS King

5 stars. YA. Award-winner. Off-beat.

This was lovely. And very very different. Vera is one of those rare characters with whom I completely identified. That feeling is intoxicating. Also – it made me cry which hasn’t happened in a while.

So – short chapters. Alternating POVs (involving a pagoda). A story that bounces from the present to the past. A mystery. A romance. And a kick ass heroine. Serious issues dealt with in a real way.

Essentially this is the story of Vera’s life falling apart and then coming back together. She loses her best friend, and that leaves her with a ton of demons. It takes her some time to be equipped to deal with it.

Mostly the book is funky. Sad and funny at the same time. With an odd twisting little rhythm that quickly becomes very easy to read. I love a story where a woman saves herself, and we have that here in spades.

I’m stoked for another book by this author.

A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah Maas

2 stars. YA Fantasy/Romance

I really wanted to like this book. It has fantastic reviews. But alas no.

I think it’s retelling of Beauty and The Beast. But with Fae. I’m not certain though.

Feyre is doing some hunting. Kills a wolf. Has to go to Faerie to pay for it. I didn’t understand this. She was super resentful about going. And everything in Faerie was mysterious and secretive. And then I couldn’t read anymore.

My biggest issue? Feyre. She has a martyr complex. You know – her family treats her like crap (they’re just sort of sketches of shitty humans) but she’s constantly sacrificing and never standing up for herself. So we were off to a badddddddd start. Then she just up and goes to Faerie with some guy. And makes like 90000 dumb ass plans to get back. And then gives up on that and hangs out.

This felt as if someone asked a 17 year old girl to write a faerie romance. It was simply written. It had all the necessary ingredients. It overflowed with secrets that added nothing to the story. It’s the perfect outline of a book I’ve read 50 times.

For a little while I wanted to know what happened next. But it felt like I was reading the same stuff over and over and over again. Feyre is a victim. Feyre plans to fight back. Feyre gives up plan. Everybody keeps secrets. AND REPEAT.

I have another book by this author. One in a different series. But lately I’ve been reading some really tight dark writing. I’m not in a good place to be forgiving so I’m going to walk away from Ms Maas. Maybe another time.