The Bride by Julie Garwood

So this was…ok. I like parts of it, but eventually it just became too treacly. It seems that everyone in Garwood’s world is like a 1950s sitcom character. Golly gee whiz.

Plot – English Jamie is forced to marry a highland’s warrior bc her dad didn’t pay taxes. At first she hates her husband. Then she doesn’t. Pretty typical historical romance – they come from 2 different worlds but somehow their love bridges the gap…

It was a cute read. I liked how Jamie and Alec picked at each other. And neither of them was overly stupid or aggravating. Things proceeded predictably. There’s a certain rhythm to these books – this one does not diverge from the many-trodden path.

So if you like a heroine with sunshine coming right out of her butt this is the book for you. Jamie was Little Miss Perfect. Pollyanna rockin it in Scotland – in a time without razor blades. Or Diet Coke. Or kindles. Or Tylenol. Or any real reason to be happy. I guess when you’re bumpin uglies with a giant Scotsman every 20 pages or so those things cease to matter.

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