Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris

3 stars.

My 3 star rating is somewhat unfair considering that I’m going to be diving into the next book the instant that I stop typing this review. But life isn’t fair – you’ll live.

I have (perhaps) OD’d on YA angst. It seems I needed to take a break from the genre or break out my flannel shirts and Nirvana CDS. Maybe get my nose pierced. (Can you tell I was a teenager in the 90s?) knew nothing about this series except that it involved a vampire. For whatever reason I went into it expecting something sexier – steamier and with less plot. I can’t say I’m disappointed with what I got, but i had to shift expectations to get comfy with what I was reading.

I’m going to break with tradition and attempt a likes and dislikes list for this book. This is my first time – be gentle.


Sookie – miracle of miracles even in first person narrative Sookie didn’t make me lose my shit. She’s straight-forward and low drama. And pretty bad ass. I liked her worldview and was okay being in her head. She never once pissed me off. Sookie’s special power is great. I enjoy how she uses it and how it shapes her as a person.

Bill – mysterious and sweet and all-vampirey. He was cool.

The story moved quickly – it was super duper easy to read.

The secondary characters – everyone is kind of a sketch at this point but there’s enough of each of them to look forward to seeing development

Light fluffy moments – I grinned a couple of times. That’s the reason I was taking my YA break.

The writing – there was a plainness in it that I enjoyed. Nothing fancy or over the top. And it had some adorable southern quirkiness.


The tone – all over the damn place. Happy. Sad. Goofy. The book started out silly and fluffy. And then suddenly people were dying all over the place. And Sookie was depressed as hell. But then there were little silly moments splashed in. I can’t tell if the book wants to be grisly or girly. I guess there’s nothing saying it can’t be both, but it’s gonna take some adjustment on my part.

The writing – I know. I know. I said I liked how straight-forward it was. But I have a little Stockholm syndrome. I miss my rambly, flowy, angsty YA disasters.

The relationship – Bill and Sookie were all over the place. I didn’t think their relationship developed very naturally. And it felt like Sookie was into Bill bc he’s a vampire and Bill is into Sookie bc she’s a weirdo. I wasn’t feeling their connection.

I’m excited to see where the series goes. This is a solid start with tons of room to grow. So here’s to big things from these lil ole books.


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