Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Four Stars. YA/Fantasy.

Don’t let the 4 star rating fool you. It’s still one of my best books of the year.

Six of Crows came with huge hype and totally delivered. Fantastic world-building. Memorable and lovable characters. Huge action. And just a tease of some swoon.

Kaz Brekker leads a gang of petty thieves and criminals. When the opportunity for a job much too big for them comes along Kaz jumps at it. So it’s like a bank heist – led by a goth rock kid. Oceans 11 for the YA/Fantasy crowd.

I adored Kaz. And Inej. Nina and Matthias too. All of the characters had heart. And bc of Kaz’s giant aspirations the action and adventure are non-stop.

VE Schwab is what stopped me from giving this 5 stars. I saw natural comparisons btw this book and her Shades of Magic series. And while I could set Crows down if I needed to I couldn’t walk away from Magic if my house was on fire. Still, I can’t recommend this book enough. When you’re looking for a book with everything this one delivers.


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