End of Days by Susan Ee

I skimmed the entire book bc I had to know how it ended. I wasn’t willing to quit, but I wasn’t willing to read. (There was actually a large boring section in the middle of the book that I was completely unwilling to unread. It was filler. The equivalent of a chase scene and shoot out that pumps you up for the grand finale).

I think this series was good. Very straight forward writing. High on action and low on drama (except the last book had a kind of different emotional neediness that was a little uncomfortable). The third book had to solve all of the issues created in the first two – so it was a little over the top. Kinda hectic. And it reached for some weird stuff.

Penryn was also was clingier and more desperate in this book. Her seemingly one-sided feelings for Raffe made her less likable. And his being a distant jerk didn’t do much for his PR. They flowed in the earlier books – they had balance. In the last book that was missing which bummed me out.

If you’re looking for something that reads a lot like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie but with angels and a kinda romance then go for it. This is a summer blockbuster as opposed to a thoughtful indie film.

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