Angelfall by Susan Ee

My 3 stars come with a “but.” Bc I loved this book, but I wasn’t satisfied. I suspect I’ll change my rating once I finish the series. At this point it just feels like 1/3 of a book – but a truly fantastic 1/3.

So – premise. Post-apocalyptic, man vs angel wars. Penryn comes across an angel who needs help. Then she needs the angel’s help. He’s a dick. But he’s also super nice. And she’s pretty cool although twice I found her actions dumb.

Strong world building. Basic writing that moves the story. It’s like a moderately dramatic person at a bar telling it to you – not that awesome guy on his 4th tequila shot but rather your chill friend Tom on his third beer.

I love angel books. I love strong heroines. I love YA. And after all the cerebral/hyper-emotional books I’ve been reading lately it was kick-ass to get some action. This books rates as a solid “good.”

(PS – don’t let me act too hard here. I’m not waiting for the library to get me the next book in the series. I’m fixin to order it right meow on the kindle bc I HAVE to know what happens next.)

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