Please Ignore Vera Dietz by AS King

5 stars. YA. Award-winner. Off-beat.

This was lovely. And very very different. Vera is one of those rare characters with whom I completely identified. That feeling is intoxicating. Also – it made me cry which hasn’t happened in a while.

So – short chapters. Alternating POVs (involving a pagoda). A story that bounces from the present to the past. A mystery. A romance. And a kick ass heroine. Serious issues dealt with in a real way.

Essentially this is the story of Vera’s life falling apart and then coming back together. She loses her best friend, and that leaves her with a ton of demons. It takes her some time to be equipped to deal with it.

Mostly the book is funky. Sad and funny at the same time. With an odd twisting little rhythm that quickly becomes very easy to read. I love a story where a woman saves herself, and we have that here in spades.

I’m stoked for another book by this author.

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