Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

3.5 stars.

I enjoy Melina Marchetta’s voice. She’s light and bright while writing about some serious subjects.

Francesca has recently switched high schools. Her mother, the center of her home, has a break down. And Frankie meets a boy. Essentially all of the things in her life that told her who she is erode – so Frankie has to figure out who she is when no one is telling her.

Parts of this book reminded me of watching a car drive on ice. You could see where it was headed but it slipped and slid. At times it missed the mark completely. Marchetta is not one to belabor a point, but I felt a few parts of this book could have been delved into a deeper.

But the thing about which I complain is also the thing I love. This book is a dragonfly – sparkling and iridescent – flitting from plant to plant. Mesmerizing.

And the end really pulled it together. Without feeling rushed it tied up the entire story with a big red bow. I loved Frankie, her family and her wonderful friends. I enjoyed a year with her – watching her grow. I liked the little love story. This was a sweet easy book – one I would recommend to any teenage girl.


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