The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I gave it 2 stars. In all honesty it likely deserved 3.

I’m taking 50% of the blame on this one. I truly am not in the headspace for these whiny people and their first world problems.

Book premise – marriage/family issues. 3 intertwining stories about fidelity, loss, friendship and lies.

The book was either too much of one thing or not enough of something else. It just read so matter-of-fact. A little like a grocery list. None of the characters were likable yet none were loathable. Bad things happened, but nothing was over the top.

At one point I thought I cared what happened next. Then I set the book down to do laundry. Clearly a death knell. I found myself wanting to fold rather than wanting to find out what happens next.

All of that said – I like books about huge things. And I love books with glorious characters. I’m not drawn to the mundane. And I spend enough time with shitty people to not want to read about them. (Occupational hazard).

So my whites are all put away and so is this book.

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