Undecided by Julianna Keyes

Truly – it was a 4 star read. But i do what I want.

So I adored this book. And I’m trying to think of the words to tell you why. It was smart. It was funny. It had nuance. Nora was so incredibly real. There was no insta-anything.

2 odd human beings developed feelings over time. Eventually they acted upon those feelings. They made mistakes – big and small. There were realistic consequences. Efforts were made to rectify the mistakes. And all of it felt damn good. At times i giggled. At time I happy-sighed. Once I got a little teary.

Going into a book always feels like getting into water. Sudden? Cold? Too hot? Easing your way in? A lot of writers go for the cannonball. By 10% in the characters are yammering at me about their childhoods. They’ve had sex. I’m immersed in them – their stories and lives. It generally feels awful. Too much too soon. But here it was like wading into a cool lake. The sandy bottom. The clean water. One step at a time til we arrived at a natural conclusion.

I almost didn’t read this book. There’s a 90% chance that a contemporary romance will piss me off. Misogyny. Shit writing. Relationships that move on fast forward. Beautiful perfect characters with unrelatable issues. I am so thankful that a few trusted reviewers gave this book a shout out. Bc when contemporary romance is good there’s no genre better – nothing compares to that fizz in your chest, that grin on your face, that sudden squeal as 2 adorable people finally finally finally kiss. And for giving me that feeling for the first time in a long time – I’m giving this book 5 stars.

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