Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

4 stars

So this was a fun little whodunit. A definite beach/summer read.

Kate is a lawyer and a single mom. Super hardworking – and feeling like a failure at the mom gig. Amelia is her athletic, brainy, teenaged daughter – attending a posh private school. After Amelia dies at school Kate is desperate to know who her daughter really was and how Amelia died.

The story is told from Amelia’s POV, Kate’s POV, and through texts, a blog and Facebook. There are layers within the story – Kate’s job, a bizarre club at school and the actions and reactions of the “adults” allegedly in charge. Amelia is relatable, and Kate is pretty great to read. The story at first felt disjointed, but a rhythm quickly appeared.

I liked this book. I think anyone could pick it up and enjoy it. A lot of twists and turns – some obvious – but nothing dumb. It was sad – a melancholy air over the entire story. But truly that’s appropriate. The first 20% was a little slow, but once it got going it flowed.

I think if you’re looking for a fun weekend read to suck you in but not shatter you – this is your book.

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