Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

I started this book off not realizing it was magical realism. The first 23% were aggravating and confusing. But once I got that figured out it was perfection.

Finn is a sweet dreamy boy – he can’t quite focus. When his friend Roza goes missing Finn, already a town outsider, becomes a pariah.

Bone Gap has a whispery mystical feel. Like a picnic on a perfect day – the sun shining on a verdant green field – the breeze playing with your hair. You’re a little sleepy – nearly dozing. Everything is soft and perfect and hazy.

This book reads like that lovely hazy day. Some parts I reread. Some parts I said out loud. The story is much larger than the book. Full to bursting like ripe fruit.

But so much was unsaid. Under-said. Whispered. Hinted. Suggested. Bless an author who respects her readers. Who can murmur the story in your ear knowing you’re smart enough to pick up the subtext – the magic just underneath. This was absolutely my favorite thing about this book – an author who invites you to come to the story – dropping sweets that lead you down the right path.

This was a breath of fresh air. In subject. Writing style. Genre. And characters. It feels like I got up and stretched – worked muscles grown dull by lack of use. I love Bone Gap – I love how it made me feel.

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