Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

3 stars

I can’t not compare this book to Some Girls Are. And nothing is going to stand up favorably in that comparison. It felt like Ms Summers was on weaker ground here – less comfortable with her subject matter and characters. Less passionate.

Courtney Summers’s writing style is wonderful. Powerful. She picks tough subjects and does meaningful things with them. I’m a massive fan of her books. I’ll read anything she writes without question.

Synopsis – Eddie’s dad committed suicide. She needs to know why. Her mom is depressed, in shock and uninvolved in Eddie’s life. Eddie devotes the summer to finding out about her dad with the help of a guy she meets – his photography student. I found him (or maybe Eddie’s openness to him?) creepy – the story actually shifted for me at this point. I liked it more before he came around.

The characters felt a little jumbled and blurry. The story wasn’t as crisp as the others. And the antagonist should have been smacked with a frying pan. Summers’s endings don’t necessarily wrap everything up with a bow – and this one was no different.

Still, not at her best she’s head and shoulders above a lot of the authors writing angsty teen books. Her so-so is still pretty damn good.

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