Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery

Threw in the towel at page 32 – when the heroine mentioned for the third time that she just wanted a nice steady guy. That’s once every 10 pages. Jesus. Does she have other aspirations in life or is she slowly reduced to her desire for Mr Staid and Stoic?

Romance books have a formula. I get it. It works, and for some readers it must be comforting. Take sassy (on the inside) yet conservative chick. Throw in man whore with a heart of gold. Put them in a situation where she acts like a bumbling idiot bc “omg he makes her heart pound and her palms sweat! But she’s never felt this way before.” Next make sure he has a “secret that would tear their world apart.” And write all of this in a manner that shoves everything in your reader’s face. Make sure that you assume that your audience is so stupid that they can’t grasp anything from context or action. Spell it out for the simpletons for whom who write. “Jane had been burned in the past. Jane only wants a nice quiet man. Jane’s mother was a tramp who had her heart broken so many times that Jane could only love someone gentle named Stanley. Jane was short – with sparkly blue eyes and brown hair that danced across her shoulders.” Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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