Some Girls Are By Courtney Summers

I’m in love. This book was, quite literally, perfect. Devoured in one sitting – bc there’s no way I wasn’t finishing it.

The story (which I LOVED) – 5 mean girls in high school. One is ostracized through no fault of her own. And suddenly she has the school on one side and her former besties on the other. And Regina is an asshole – she’s done terrible things. So as a reader how do you feel seeing her get what she deserves – but seeing it from her perspective?

The characters were flawless – awful and understandable and so delicious to hate. The writing complimented the story line and the shitty people in it. And the book flowed like water.

Emotions run high. And you’re not sure if you’re for Regina or against her – but you’re certain you’re against her former friends. Teenage girls make fabulous villains.

The book was less gut-wrenching than All The Rage. The emotion was high, but in a super fun way.

I would recommend this book to literally everyone. You’re grabbed from the first page – the story is that compelling. Engrossing. An easy (and difficult) read.

Ps – this book has tiny chapters. My favorite thing in writing. I’d like to offer it that elusive 6th star for those 2-3 page, high-impact, story-movers. Lurve.

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