Krampus: the Yule Lord by Brom

The MC rubbed me the wrong way. Holy Moses! There may have been a decent book despite him, but I disliked him so strongly I couldn’t see it.

Jesse is a trashy dude living in WVa in a trailer. His life is a wreck. Then he sees Santa fighting some little monster people. Thus he becomes involved in a battle btw Santa and Krampus. The Santa/Krampus feud was fine. But Jesse ruined the book.

In romance books there’s a popular trend towards down-on-their-lucky heroines who get hit with every awful thing in life. Crappy handsy boss. Suddenly kicked out of apartment. Car falls apart. Life savings stolen by a sneaky best friend. The “bad guys” in these books are one dimensional. The crappy things are heaped on the MC until you can’t breathe. And you’re supposed to pull for this plucky character with a heart of gold.

In those books – as in this one – I resent the simplicity. The characters stripped to caricatures. They’re nothing more than the “good” or “bad” they represent – one dimensional. And the books never address how the MC is really a victim of his/her own bad decisions and shitty mopey attitude. Jesse literally made one horrible, aggravating, stupid choice after another. And of course it was all due to the completely unredeemable bad guys.

Of course Jesse’s wife is in a relationship with the worst of the bad guys. And of course there’s nothing about him that explains this relationship. He’s pure evil. So now I have to respect for Jesse’s wife for being in this relationship. I’m not going to pull for her. She’s disgusting enough to be with a man that talks about forcing her to choke on his dick during a blow job bc that man provides financial security. That’s her choice – but in the book she’s portrayed as a victim. She needs to be “saved.” Not saved from herself but saved from some man. How about we either respect her decision or encourage counseling if she has a compulsion or twisted thought process forcing her into this relationship?

In summation – one dimensional. Stereotypical. Boring. And distasteful. No thank you.

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