All The Rage by Courtney Summers

Read this bad boy in one sitting – but I’m not confident that was by choice. From page 1 I never had the opportunity to walk away.

So I’d been looking for some darker reads. Something beyond edgy. I wanted to go over that edge – and see what lay down there. I was hunting raw emotion. That feeling like sandpaper went across the core of you – and everything is real and close and too much.

This book gave me all I wanted plus so much more. It brought misery alive, and let me stew in it.

Romy is in HS in a small town. Someone did something terrible to her, but no one believes her. So Romy is a joke. An outcast. And everyone’s victim.

You ride that ride with her. That’s what this is. Up close and personal with the person it’s okay to bully. She made up lies. She’s a whore. She’s not a human. She’s Other. And that means it’s okay to spit on her. To crush her. To mock her. You get a front row seat to the Coliseum that is high school, and Romy barely has a fighting chance.

The writing is superb. The story is difficult yet masterfully told. Romy is everything.

I generally avoid dark books and books about painful things. But I’m stoked my headspace led me here. I can’t wait for my next book by Courtney Summers.

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