Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

3 Stars

This would have been a 4 star read if Alice had stayed true to Alice. I’m all about growth – but not where it waters the book down.

Alice gets cancer in high school. She’s dying – and she uses her last year on earth to exact petty high school revenge. And to emphasize her true assholery she convinces the nice boy who loves her to help her.

The emotions were basic and surface level. The writing was decent. Alice was fun in that she was different. You pay attention to a character who chooses to spend her final days doing horrible things to others and emotionally wrecking a nice guy.

But the awesome petered out. The author offered salvation – and it made me a little sad. I like that we had a character who was so shitty that she became likable. I didn’t really know what to do with Nice Alice. Oh how the mighty sociopath has fallen.

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