Dumplin by Julie Murphy

A-Dor-Able. Seriously.

I could pick this book apart easy peasy. But it just wouldn’t be right. There are big ole flaws – aggravating main character. Big plot holes. And it’s a bit shallow. But dayum this book was fun.

It’s a YA book. Sort of a romance. Mostly a lot of girl power. It has a huge heart and a sweet story line.

Willowdean is in high school. She’s fat. She likes a boy. She has a beautiful best friend and a beauty queen mom – in Texas. And, like all of us, Willowdean gets in her own way – ass over teakettle. Every single problem that she has is of her own making. And she’s a total asshole with no self-awareness. However, the entire story is so sweet and funny. The supporting case is lovely. Everything flows.

There’s not a lot of depth. There doesn’t need to be. I could have read the book in one sitting if I didn’t have court early this morning. I didn’t read any reviews beforehand (I usually don’t). And I didn’t read the book jacket (I frequently didn’t do that either). I say – when you’re ready for fun and aggravating and different and awkward and silly pick this book up. Give Willowdean a break and a chance – she deserves them both.

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