Twin of Ice by Jude Deveraux

(Totally should have been a 4 star read – but that ending! Errrrrrgh.)

I enjoyed this book. A lot. Way way way more than anticipated. First and foremost – I judged a book by its cover. And this one was awkward as hell. Smirk. But my 2 previous reads were total duds, and you can’t fall out of a ditch, right?

So off I went with zero expectations and met Houston and Kane. This book is sort of set in the old west (it says it is at least). Houston is a perfect princess. Kane is a rich dude with no manners. He thinks marrying her will make him look better. She’s a little vulnerable at the moment.

I loved both of them. Kane has to be one of the stupidest heroes ever. He’s a bumbling idiot. And he does it perfectly. I never disliked him. Never got impatient. Never thought he was a caveman douche. He cracked me up. Houston was in there like a trooper – constantly dealing with Kane’s dumb ass. And old girl was steady as a rock.

This was my first Jude Deveraux – and the only western romance I can remember reading though I may have read others. It was fun and funny. Light without being dumb. There were adorable little dramas in unexpected spots. I read this book in one reading bc i didn’t want to put it down.

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