Liberating Paris by Linda Bloodworth Thomason

DNF at page 53. This book was either too serious or too shallow, and I cannot for the life of me figure out which.

From what I gathered this is the story of 6 40-year-old friends in Paris, Arkansas. At the point I reached we’d had a snapshot of a few of the friends. And as we met the characters we learned about life in this small town.

There was a conflict brewing. One of our heroes, Wood – married to another hero (Milan) learns that his ex is coming back into his life. His ex is the missing friend of their group. And it seems she returns as Wood is falling out of love with his wife.

We’re getting this story from everyone’s perspective. And there were parts of the book that I think were supposed to be funny. Maybe charming. The story told from so many perspectives fell flat for me. As did the concern about whether the little chapters were supposed to be endearing or sad. Everything felt two-dimensional. I couldn’t connect with a character or an emotion. Moving on.

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