Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

DNF at p 38. I broke the 50 page rule. Only bc the author was heaping another history lesson on my head, and I felt I might scream.

I’m being unfair. I know this. I can’t tell you what the book’s about. There were some maps. 9000 caveman names. A war. Secrets – not particularly cleverly hidden. A magic little boy unaware of his own power. I’m certain it will unfold into an epic as the little boy grows and comes into his own and fights the evil he was clearly born to fight. But no.

It felt like this book had a surfeit of words. Like every word ever was crammed into this tiny paperback. Or at least every word ending in -ur. I couldn’t take learning about one more people of a specialized geography. So I’m off – in search of a book with less words.

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