What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan

I think this book did for me what rollercoasters do for others. (I don’t ride rollercoasters bc peeing on myself a little and vomiting on a stranger aren’t my idea of a good time). But it had the anticipation, the tease, little bumps and dips and finally a swooping finale.

Rachel goes for a walk in the woods with her son – and he disappears. There are issues with the investigation, and you learn not to trust any of the players. Some of the chapters are written with Rachel as narrator – some from the perspective of the investigating detective. Most of the chapters are short yet packed with story.

The beginning of the book was fun – engrossing. A good amount of angst and tension. From roughly 20-60% the book was a little slow. The author wanted to give us a lot of build up – and we needed information and backstory for that. So while the book moved along it didn’t remain taut – there was some slack in there. The final 20% of the book offered a lot of hints and possibilities for what was really going on. I felt like it was fun to still be guessing up near the end. But i will say that none of the twists were huge or shocking. This book stayed shy of being fully gritty or pushing the reader to the edge.

I enjoy reading these disappearance thrillers, but they’re not my favorite genre. So my rating is a little low. It’s hard for me to personally love a book where i can’t get attached to any character bc any of them could have done it. Further, while this book was edgy it was also extremely sad. Rachel is a victim in a number of ways – and it is frequently uncomfortable.

In summation? This book was a nice break. Shallow but an interesting story. Plenty of little twists. It moved easily and mostly kept my interest. It stressed me out the fun amount – not the “i can’t handle this and am going to explode” amount. I’d totally recommend it for a quick read.

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