Only Enchanting (Survivor’s Club #4) by Mary Balogh

DNF at p 181.
I love Mary Balogh. She’s one of my go-to authors for a guaranteed enjoyable read. Her books aren’t all drama and excitement – but they’re usually pretty good. Unfortunately this one was a miss.
Flavian was wounded in war – a head injury that has left him with memory and anger issues. Agnes is a sensible widow. They meet through friends and are drawn to one another – but even now I can’t tell you why. Flavian remained shallow and Agnes remained distant.
The book was choppy – as soon as a story line started moving it would hop to a different perspective – as we got a little depth from Flavian the story suddenly shifted to Agnes or as we got some feeling from Agnes the story would move again . And bc the other Survivors were there we frequently had parts of the book dealing with their issues. Also the writing was overly descriptive and flowery. Though there were several sweet and real moments between Flavian and Agnes it frequently felt like most of the book was filler. Agnes and Flavian’s story probably could have been written in 100 pages.
As it was when I got to the point that they were getting married – past 50% of the book – and I didn’t like either of them I felt like it was time to abandon ship. I’m going to give another Mary Balogh book a try – and just hope that this was a one-off for her.

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