A Rule Against Murder (Chief Inspector Gamache #4) by Louise Penny

There are 2 reasons i love this series. First and foremost – reading a mystery book brings a sense of satisfaction rarely found in life. I tend to read books with HEA – the couple gets together, the bad guy gets his just desserts, the hero conquers. But – i know these things are coming, and i’m not frequently allowed to participate in the action. A mystery book changes that. While i do know there’s likely to be an HEA – i don’t know the form in which it will come. Thus i get to spend the entire book spinning wild conjecture, assuming everything is a clue, and suspecting everyone. At the story’s conclusion i’m like to expire from sheer enthusiasm and delight. No matter if my theory was true – or ridiculously off-base – i’ve been afforded the opportunity to play along. For 300 pages i’m Chief Inspector Armand Gamache – and that’s wonderful.
Second – this writing. It’s like Xanax. A warm bubbly bath. Hot chamomile tea. Regardless of what else is going on – these books are so soothing they’re nearly hypnotic. It seems odd, right? Shouldn’t a murder mystery have me on the edge of my seat? And maybe it sort of does. But the description of the lobster salad and the droning bees and the lapping lake and the love btw Armand and Reine- Marie? They’re balm to the soul. I don’t think i read any books more comforting than this series. Every word – each page – each chapter – is carefully and artfully crafted to bring the reader to a world that’s warm and hazy and safe – and rife with murder.

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