Only a Promise by Mary Balogh (The Survivors’ Club #5)

Such a delightful little book. Easily read in one sitting. Mary Balogh does her thing and does it well.

Chloe is sad. Ralph is sad. They end up together. They struggle with the sad. And it’s nice.
Balogh creates sweet, complex, flawed, characters who manage to remain simple. You root for them for the entire book – it’s inevitable. And enjoyable. Their struggles feel real. The story seems like it really could happen.

Ralph is scarred by war. Chloe had a couple of bad experiences with the ton. They need help getting through some things – this book is their journey.

I like Balogh a lot bc her characters are generally physically imperfect. They’re also charming. And kind of dickish. Her books aren’t super steamy – they’re more love stories than porny-romance. And these books are completely dependable. You can start any one of them knowing you’ll get nuanced and non-cliched characters and an interesting story.

It’s quite a luxury to have a go-to author with such a large body of work. I’ll continue to reach for Ms Balogh with complete faith whenever I need to get a little lost in a sweet story.

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